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Have questions ?


They might be answered in our FAQ.
We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.

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What service that WI Provide?


  • Wajie Ibrahim™ Bridal

  • Wajie Ibrahim™ MenSuit

  • Wajie Ibrahim™ CustomWear

  • Wajie Ibrahim™ RTW

  • Wajie Ibrahim™ House Visit


How long will it take to custom-made ?


Every custom wear is vary from one and another. It depends on the design and complexity of the workman ship. Some will take less than a week but some might took months.

It is advisable to make a booking/order 3 month earlier for bridal wear.


How about designs?


We are a fashion designer company, We do creates our own design and ideas that best suits you. However clients are freely to discuss with us their own ideas or inspirations. 

We are open to discuss everything.


Which methods of payments can I use?


We accept:

  • Cash Payment.

  • Credit/debit card (VIsa/Master)

  • Paypal

  • Online Banking


How about fittings?

Fitting is a must for custom-made wear, however, we will strive our best to make sure all our clients undergo only one time fitting session to avoid hassle.

For online order, we will post the final product a month earlier to cater for any uneventful flaws on the products.

By doing this, such gaze period will be sufficient to make any necessary alterations.


How to get our service?


Kindly contact us trough:


How about materials?


 Wajie Ibrahim will do the  material hunting for  clients. We also accept materials from client.


However it is best to let Wajie Ibrahim find the perfect material for your perfect dress to avoid unnecessary cost i.e not enough/suitable  material.   


What is our payment term?

Upon agreed to proceed order,We will secured a 50% deposit from the full projected price.

Deposits are Non-refundable.

Click here for our full T&C

Full settlement will be made upon collection of the final product.


I lived far from your place, How do i order with WI?


We started as a full on-line business back in 2011 and still maintaining our online custom-made wear services till now. We have our own system and specialties in online tailoring.

A lot of foreign (Overseas) customers have had us as their designer without ever have to meet us. every steps were done on-line.

For further explaination, kindly contact us.


What is house Visit?


In special occasions we do accept house visits. However , this will incur extra cost as we need to dispatch our reps to your house that require extra labor cost.

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